How to apply

The European Twinning programme part of the programme “Europe for citizens” supports the activities of twinned town by giving financial help under Strand 2 of the Programme (Civic engagement and democratic participation):

  • town twinning: Town twinning activities between 2 different cities/towns.
  • Network of Towns: Projects involving more than 2 cities/towns.

For the submission of the application, you need to respect the calendar which establishes different deadlines according to the date of your activity. Be careful – the deadline for sending in your application is usually several months ahead of your event!

Once you have identified the deadline for your application, and noted the rules and conditions you have to follow, you can go to the website of the Executive Agency to find the application form you need to fill in, and information on the related documents you need to send.

Please note that in order to speed up its procedures for decision-making, the Executive Agency encourages the applicants to complete and send in the electronic application on line.

Please also note that the European Commission support is normally a “co-financing”, i.e. the applicant has also to finance a specified proportion of the expenses of the activity foreseen. This is the normal case for most projects funded by the European Commission, and will apply to all actions other than town twinning citizens’ meetings.