The Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme


The CERV programme builds on the successes of two programmes which existed from 2014 to 2020: the Europe for Citizens programme  and the Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme

The CERV programme aims to protect and promote rights and values as enshrined in the EU Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights. It seeks to support and further develop open, rights-based, democratic, equal and inclusive societies based on the rule of law, by supporting civil society organisations and other stakeholders active at local, regional, national and transnational level, and by encouraging civic, democratic and social participation. It finances various types of action: training activities, capacity building, mutual learning, workshops, experts’ meetings, conferences; awareness-raising and dissemination activities, media campaigns; analytical activities, such as studies, researches, surveys and evaluations; support for European networks, civil society.

For more information, please see the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme website

This programme forms part of a new Justice, Rights and Values Fund together with the Justice programme.