Flat-rate grants for citizens’ meetings

However, the Commission and the Agency have agreed on a simpler system for giving grants for town twinning citizens’ meetings. These grants are flat-rate contributions towards the organisational costs of the host town (accommodation, meals, local transport, meeting rooms, etc.), and the travel expenses of the invited delegations. Whilst these flat-rate grants are intended to co-finance those costs (i.e. not to cover 100%), they are not directly linked to any specific costs incurred, which therefore do not have to be specifically accounted for or justified.

The grant calculation will be made as follows:

  • The grant for organisational costs is calculated by multiplying the number of participants from the invited municipalities, by the number of days of the meeting, and by a daily rate of the country in which the meeting takes place. The daily rates for different countries are attached to the application form.
  • The grant for travel expenses is calculated for each invited delegation by multiplying the number of participants by the number of kilometers travelled for the round trip distance traveled, and by a flat rate per kilometer for each participant.

For further details, you should consult the programme guide.

The flat-rate grant award cannot in any event exceed the specified maximum set out in the programme guide (and which may be subject to change from year to year).