Twinning as a structured movement was created by the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) in the early 1950’s. Since then, CEMR has always been at the forefront of the twinning movement.

Its twinning network is unique, bringing together experts from its member associations; these meet regularly to exchange information on all aspects of twinning: success stories, European developments, major events... The network is regularly consulted by the European Commission on its proposals for the development and implementation of the twinning programme.

CEMR also strives to ensure adequate EU funding for twinning through its special relationship with the relevant European institutions, mainly the Directorate General Education and Culture of the European Commission and the European Parliament.

In addition, CEMR organises twinning-related events (seminars, conferences, congresses…) and produces studies and guides including a practical handbook, “Twinning for tomorrow’s world”. This website has been created by CEMR as a part of these actions in favour of twinning.